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  1. Ding Xiaogang at |

    Now any train tickets can be purchased online in China.

  2. Bahar Anooshahr at |

    Hi Amanda
    A friend of mine wants to go to Beijing with her 5 year old son and stay with a family who can teach her some Mandarin. She is willing to pay them.
    Do you know anyone to recommend?

  3. Brittany H. at |

    Thanks for the tips! I’m traveling to China in the fall, and I’ve heard that trains are the most efficient way to get around. Do you know what kind of china plug adapter I’ll need? I’m from the US, and I want to be able to use all of my electronics while I’m there. Thanks!

    1. Amanda at |

      Actually, I didn’t need a plug adapter in China! They don’t have a standardized plug, so pretty much every outlet is an international one. I have chargers with both US and European plugs and I never had to use an adapter for any of my chargers when I was in China. I’d recommend waiting till China to buy one, if you feel strongly about having one. If you find that you need one, you can buy one there for a much cheaper price than you would in most other countries.


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