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  2. Diane Simpson at |

    You Are already YaYa!
    You have been fierce, a young woman in business, serving and managing.
    Now Do You!
    As you Go and even before you return, remember, Always, It is what you see for yourself not the shine thru the eyes of another. Please travel safely.
    You will emerge- Mind Body&Soul

    peace and happiness

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  4. Roseann Kay at |

    Hi Juliene,

    I just wanted to say WOW what a brave woman you are. It would be so easy to stay with what you know and what is safe. I was always amazed that someone so young was so focused enough to start her own business and be so successful. I hope you have an amazing trip and find everything you are looking for. I will be looking out for your photos. Lots of luck and good wishes.
    The Kay Family xx


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