Soul Writing

“When we avoid our creativity, we avoid ourselves.
When we meet our creativity, we meet ourselves.”
–Julia Cameron

This workshop is designed for those of us who want to nourish our souls, express ourselves, and tap into our creativity. Through writing, we can connect with different passions that may remain hidden in our daily life–and that our souls yearn to explore. Setting aside the time to do what brings us joy is an extraordinary act of self-care, and we will do just that.

In the Soul Writing workshop, we will:

  • Participate in three transformative and interactive activities
  • Delve into our imagination through writing
  • Allow our passions to come alive
  • Share our writing with a community of women
  • Experience a new kind of freedom and power — and awaken our souls

The Soul Writing workshop will be facilitated by Pink Pangea Co-founder Jaclyn Mishal.

After completing workshops, women have written for major publications, launched their own blogs, or continued to write in their journals. Others have simply enjoyed trying something new.