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  1. Northern at |

    The reason I came upon this blog is that I am looking for others in US w/similar creepy experiences to those I’m having w/chain-smoking stalking Turkish neighbor across street — and most of my experiences w/him have been my expressing being bothered by his smoke & his presence (going on a year now) . . . before
    hearing on NPR within
    past 1 1/2 week that over 100 women in Turkey have bn murdered this year usually by a relative. Looking into this further on mobile, the thinking that when a woman makes a mistake, it’s okay to kill her exists in some of
    How chaste a woman is seems alsi to matter

    his presence . . .

  2. T. at |

    Just because a guy hits on you doesn’t automatically make him dangerous, maybe just overly eager. Women get attention; you can act paranoid and defensive about it or you can feel flattered and move on. I choose the latter.

  3. Roxanne at |

    OMG! I lived for 3 months last summer and (for some odd reason) I will be moving there. Some of the Turkish men are very clingy and horrible. I was on a feribot going to SultanAhmet and a man masturbated infront of me. I wanted to cut his dick off…I was sooo angry! I NEVER went back to Sultan Ahmet. And why should anyone go there anyway, its highly overrated. Kadikoy is where the real fun is 🙂

  4. Danielle at |

    What exactly was sketchy about them?

  5. Natalia
    Natalia at |

    Love your post. I can relate to your experience since I lived for a few years in Colombia and the same can be said for the men there. As a young woman that is where I learned to trust my gut feeling and when you get that awful knot in your stomach that’s when you know it’s time to bounce. Not a fun experience at all. Both my sister and I grew up in Canada and when we moved to Colombia we were so used to being carefree about how we dressed when we went out-this is were the problem begins if you are not used to it. Wearing shorts to go shopping to a mall or anywhere outside your own home is a big no-no anywhere in Colombia, the men act almost caveman-like and can make you feel very uncomfortable right away. At the end we had learned how to use their weakness to our own advantages like for example if they approached us at a restaurant, we might strike a conversation with them, not too friendly but enough, and since they have this macho thing going, they would insist in paying the bill (o

  6. Hailey
    Hailey at |

    I traveled to Istanbul last December, with a female friend. While we fell in love with Istanbul, we found that we were constantly harassed by men. This was especially true in the Sultanahmet area (I like your ‘beware of creepy men’ advisory!) We were there in off-season, so there really weren’t that many tourists, and the men in front of restaurants were always pestering us to eat and the comments were always directed to us as women. Additionally, men would try to follow me and my friend back to our hotel late at night, (mostly in an effort to get us to come out with them) and we would often zig-zag our route back, so no one would know where we were staying. Stephanie, I think I was in your situation so many times in my short visit to Istanbul! I was always lying about my plans for that night. If you are going to Istanbul, beware that we will be asked out multiple times by multiple sketchy men.

  7. Catherine
    Catherine at |

    Yes, women do have to be cautious in the resort areas (the guys who work there tend to be from the rural areas and flock to the resorts looking for foreign women), but I too have a great Turkish husband – going on 12 years now. Please don’t say we haven’t found love – I know of far too many genuine marriages! And it has little to do with Islam either.


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