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  1. Mollie at |

    Hi Lily!
    Of course, I love sharing my experience about study abroad and South Africa. If you’d like, check out my personal blog while I was abroad at mollieinafrica.blogspot.com. How long have you been at Rhodes? Have you gotten a chance to travel at all yet?

  2. Lily at |

    Hi! i was searching about ubuntu when i came across this, and was delightfully surprised to find that the place you were heading back to after travelling to cape town was grahamstown! i am a study abroad student from USA currently studying in grahamstown! id love to hear about your experience if youre willing!!!

  3. Mollie
    Mollie at |

    Sadly, it’s really more of the tourists. You get the occasional locals, but surrounding activities don’t phase them. It’s like a lot of people when they live somewhere long enough, things just don’t have an appeal as much any more. They are just stuck in the mundane routine of ordinary scheduling and day to day activities. As a traveller I try to seize every opportunity, which is why my local friends think I am an adrenaline junky, or the crazy American. I just see it as a chance to experience the world!

  4. Rachel
    Rachel at |

    You are daring! Do you find that the tourists are the ones taking part in the adventure sports or the locals as well?


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