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  1. bubble at |

    Do as Spaniards do: ignore them completely. Yes, the spanish bubble is a funny name! Even don’t look at them, and never look them at the eye or smile if you are not interested. Don’t fear to be rude, politeness is not very common here anyway. Anything else will be considered a green light, and you will have a hard time to get rid of a persistent follower. Some Spanish blokes think it is easier to sleep with a foreign tourist -guess the reason, just google magaluf!- than with a Spanish girl and they try. Anyway this happens more in southern than in northern Spain.

  2. fabuleuxdestinbrenna
    fabuleuxdestinbrenna at |

    Wow – Spanish men are feisty! Way different than French guys. They’re persistent too, but not as bad!

  3. sarahesurrey
    sarahesurrey at |

    From what I’ve seen, and I’m in a smallish city so it’s not the same as Madrid, its mostly older men but younger men do it too. It think it will stop being a problem in about 30 years, but I wouldn’t say that it will go away altogether. Unfortunately a lot of that machismo mindset is still taught to young boys, but I think it has already started to go away in terms of a problem that you should really be worried about.

  4. Alyosha at |

    Is catcalling mainly a problem with older men, or do younger men (20s, 30s) do it too? In other words, do you think this will stop being a problem altogether in about 30 years?


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