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  1. gila at |

    very lovely .i found myself right there..love your writting .very very colorful .you are a storyteller.

  2. Bahar at |

    Thank you so much. I am thrilled you enjoyed it.

  3. Shima at |

    I really enjoy reading your writings bahar joonam.

    1. Bahar at |

      Thank you so much Shima joon.

  4. Linda Ruiz at |

    Bahar! Loved your story. I want to shop in Iran now! Your writing is so crisp and colorful, it leaves me wanting to know more. Like for instance, what is it like to drive in Tehran, or how about take a run in the countryside? Is that even possible with all that you have to wear? Are there kickboxing classes there? And what about the libraries, what are those like?

    I loved mostly your mentioning your parents. How are they and do they live in Iran now?

    Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Bahar at |

    Thank you Shima joon.

    Miss Linda, your wish is my command. Traffic and transportation are coming up. You know, incidentally they did have kickboxing. Believe it or not one gym had body combat(you may be familiar with Les Mills classes.) Some gyms are all women and others divide the time: women attend in the morning and men in the afternoon, so no need to cover up once inside. Anytime you go out you have to wear the scarf/pea coat combo. So you run in that outfit. My parents even made me cover up when I ran the stairs in their complex(that was my workout). You just never know when the authorities may show up.

  6. Shar Javad at |

    Great writing, beautiful pictures, and a very nice story.

  7. Bahar at |

    Thank you Sharyar joon.


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