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  1. a at |

    Being honest I find Koreans the worst for being polite to your face and stabbing you in the back. I put it down to being weak cowards, with 3 faces.

    1. Yank at |

      That’s Japanese dna. Its called. “Tatame.”

  2. Yank at |

    Korea doesn’t want to be like Japan. If anything your culture copied China and Korea for thousands of years.
    Your island is sinking and radioactive. Your economy has been declining for decades.
    Koreans are blunt and always tell you how they feel while Japanese are known for their two face.
    Very polite while stabbing you in the back. Look at Abe. Liar.
    PS, do they still teach your kids in school America started world war 2 and Japan was merely defending the existence of Asia?
    Ask Koreans, Chinese, Filipinos, etc. if they thank you for your savage invasions.

  3. Sho at |

    People in Japan and South Korea differ a lot in mentality. It’s not merely due to economic development or westernization. So Korea will never be like Japan in the future.

  4. Lee at |

    The Korean culture can be disappointing at times; however, it has changed. The political and economically transition from the x generation to the new generation is beginning. South Korea will evolve into a more ‘western’ style culture as the younger generation are more open about their themselves due to international exposure. Just look at Japan, it’s a very good example, and South Korea has a high probability that it will follow the foot steps of its neighboring country.


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