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  1. ashley at |

    As someone of mostly British/French Canadian ancestry, with an Italian great-grandfather & Italian friends, I’ll make it simple. If you don’t know Italians well, or don’t have Italian ancestry to basis your experiences off of, don’t waste the Italian’s time.

    There are so many “dating Italian men” sites that are so stupidly stereotypical it is no wonder Italian men widely stick with Italian women. Others would be eaten alive. Cause the comment about ‘alpha woman’ just made me laugh.

    I work with an old Sicilian chap. I’m a dominant woman. I’m the only one he actually respects, the others are entertainment & he does disrespect them with his behavior.

  2. Cyndi at |

    Hello jasmine ,
    Just stumbled on pinkpangea.com accidentally trying go research Italian men likes/dating from a Canadian ?? point of view in the dating scene. And came up on you being mentioned in an article.
    Bravo to you girl! Proud Albertian I am
    Take care Cyndip

  3. Bonnie Pryor at |

    Hi Jasmine – your Mom keeps sending me your articles and I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading everything you write. It’s an interesting perspective that I definitely wouldn’t have known about if you hadn’t been where you are and how you describe it! You’ve defintely found a great way to inform this Canadian (whose never been to Italy) on a few “do’s and don’ts” that I would never had known about. At least when I finally do get to Italy (someday in the future I hope) I won’t look too much the “rube”. Keep up the great work and I’ll keep enjoying your stories (and the pictures of the food). Have a glass of vino for me and say hello to that gorgeous fiancee of yours. Take care. Bonnie


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