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  1. Judy at |

    You were a volunteer at the orphanage? Did you get harnessed there? I went to Ghana in Jan. This year, even the security officers will make passes at you. But my boyfriend that lives there. Wouldn’t let that happen.

  2. Abubit at |

    I’ve only had one experience with a Ghanaian and it’s enough for me to not venture there anymore. It was the case of saying hello one day then the next he was talking about wanting children with me and making me his wife. Despite making it clear to him that I wasn’t interested and I’d be happy to just be friends, he was relentless, clingy and overbearing: texting me practically every hour of the day with non-conversation and lamenting if I didn’t respond immediately, claiming to his friends, family and the whole of Ghana that we were going out and wanting me to speak or visit everyone he knew, trying to invite himself round to my place to meet my family, going on about my physique and it even got to the point where he’d actually grab and touch me on the streets. He would have plenty of childish tantrums when I wasn’t giving him sole attention at public spaces or events. On top of that, he claimed all these things about his background that I found out were not true after much researching. Eventually, I had to block him from contact after the three weeks of knowing him and it’s been blissful as it was before I met him.

  3. Kari at |

    I was supposed to stay in Ghana for six months, but I ended up leaving after 1 month due to sexual harassment. I was volunteering in Medina near Accra and I had many men treat me horribly. I tried to be polite and joke and get them to back off nicely, but it never worked. They’d grab me, try to pull me into shops, bars, wherever, demand personal information, physically block me to keep me from escaping. They’d demand my name, my number, where I’m staying. They kept pushing and demanding and if I’d say no, they’d demand, “Why not?! Why not?!” every time. Eventually, I’d have to get firm and tell them to stop. Then they’d get cruel, screaming in my face, calling me a bitch and a racist, threatening to tell everyone that I 1. hated black people so locals would turn against me or 2. tell people I’m a whore so I’d get further harassed. This happened more than once. I got to the point I’d avoid leaving the orphanage I stayed in so I wouldn’t have to be confronted with the men. I went to Ghana actually being open to the idea of finding a husband there and left Ghana so disgusted by the men that I had to go into therapy to deal with the trauma of my stay there. And it is NOT true that other Ghanaians would step in to help when I was being harassed. They’d either stand by and watch silently or actually would join in the harassment, encouraging the man grabbing at me or insulting me along with him. I think women should be aware of how bad it can be before going to Ghana. If I had any idea, I never would have gone!


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