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  1. Anne Catanzarite at |

    Fantastic article with engaging resources!!! Grazie!

  2. Phyllis Brotherton at |

    A great list, a few of which I haven’t read. Yay! More books to read. I also suggest Mary Reufle’s “Madness, Rack and Honey,” inspiration for writers of any genre.

  3. Carolyn Pullman at |

    I participated in a webinar with Jeff Goins (goinswriter) today. He was saying that a person should blog from their own world view. His illustration for non-fiction was Steven Pressfield’s The World of Art versus Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. Pressfield’s world view is that creativity is a fight while Cameron’s is that it isn’t.

  4. Valerie at |

    Awesome collection! Thanks for including me 🙂

  5. Nancy Slonim aronie at |

    Gorgeous list of great books and I’m honored to have been included.
    Nancy Slonim Aronie

  6. Mary Sojourner at |

    Let me add that M.F.K. Fisher’s travel writing (with a food focus) is a great example of engaging, witty and fully conscious writing. Start with: The Art of Eating http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/94079.The_Art_of_Eating

  7. Liz Peterson at |

    For a bit less practical of an approach, I also recommend Janice MacLeod’s Paris Letters. I had been putting it off because I feel like every single travel writer and their mom recommends it and I didn’t believe it was actually that good…, but I finally read it and I understand why everyone loves it so much. It’s a quick read and great for anyone trying to tap into their creativity.



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