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  1. Venus at |

    Wow ingrid congratulations since highschool you love to write . Were so proud of you keep it up. GOD BLESS you always in your journey .. .. 🙂

  2. Linda Burton at |

    You have gone so many great places! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  3. Linda Burton at |

    Thank you for sharing your travel experiences, Ingrid. Wish I had been reading/experiencing through your eyes earlier! I know you have gone great places.

  4. Alma Yap Sugawara at |

    I felt like am also a traveler, I could even smell the aroma of the Cuban coffee and imagined sipping the cup in its original setting. Thanks for always sharing the wonderful places you have travelled

  5. Cait O'Dwyer at |

    I’d love to read more about your Cuban adventure. Where can I find it?

  6. Judy wilkenfeld at |

    Wonderful blog Ingrid from one of your former lab people. Judy


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